Let’s use our time given to improve lives and leave the world in a better shape we found it.

I'm a digital product designer from Belgium, living in Rotterdam Zürich.

Since I graduated in 2012 as an interactive multimedia designer, my journey has exposed me to a variety of industries and design challenges.

With a set of learnings behind me, I have been advising companies on working remotely, design tools and design systems.

To empower myself as a designer, I'm currently focused on leveraging my past developer experience and growing engineering skills to shape products and experiences.

With that mindset, I developed and launched Fountain Finder in 2020. This iOS app is written in Swift and lets citizens or tourists find one of the 1271 free drinking fountains in Zürich, Switzerland. It was never easier to find the nearest fountain to refresh or refill a bottle and reduce plastic waste.

I believe in innovation across all levels of life: urban planning, mobility, plant based food and more.

Let’s make our time given count.