Digital Product Designer

Portrait of me on a flight to Switzerland shot by Jip van Kuijk © Jip van Kuijk

Hello, I'm Lorenz.

I'm a digital product designer from Belgium, living in Rotterdam Zürich.

Currently I'm working as a Senior Product Designer with Crowdhouse. We are building products and services to democratise real estate investing.

Previously I was leading product design at Nectar Financial in Switzerland where we were building the wealth manager of the future.

Back in 2015 I worked with Buffer to give small businesses a greater voice on Social Media. Before that I was self employed and was working for multiple clients, gathering over 5 years of industry experience. My main focus in product design today is solving problems by user research and creating high-fidelity prototypes in code.

I write about how designers can get the best out of their craft. With over two years of working fully remote, I have been advising distributed teams how to work better together.

Eager to learn more about me? Let's get in touch:

Giving small businesses,
a greater voice on social media

With Buffer (2015)

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